We share your drive to make things better.
So we built a better way to get your medtech innovation
to the right people in Europe.”

We guide your medtech innovation through the entire medtech lifecycle.
Whether an established or a start-up company, you need one partner that can guide you.

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Why medeuronet ?

A proven method

medeuronet played a part in two of the biggest exits in ophthalmology in the past 10 years – WaveTec Vision Systems and IntraLase.

The path is the same for any medical device. We bring focus, consistency and efficiency to the commercialization process.

Consistent support

A unique combination of team and individual support. Each area of expertise has its own dedicated leadership and resources.

The expertise you need, when you need it, tailored to your company. No other company or consultant provides the services that we offer — available through one company.

The right strategy

A controlled process. The best way to change a market is to correctly target, prove your value, then expand.

We get your technology into the right hands at the right time, with expert training and support.

Quality assured

As an ISO:9001 certified company, medeuronet uses its quality management system for the implementation of every project.


You need a partner who knows Europe.

Europe represents a key opportunity in the commercialization of a new medical device, but too often the execution misses the mark.

Pegged at EUR 55 billion+, the EU medical device market is second only to that of the United States, with a shorter regulatory process that allows for market introduction to test product interest and market adoption.

But there are many challenges for those who don’t successfully navigate the EU’s complexity.

Europe is not one market – it’s a collection of culturally diverse markets, each with its own regulatory requirements and commercialization process. You also face a changing regulatory landscape, increasing reimbursement and pricing pressures in a challenging environment.


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medeuronet’s network provides our clients with robust expertise in the key areas of reimbursement, regulatory and clinical study management along with a country commercial network that ensures consistent market introduction.


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