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“Business Service Center”


Application start date: November 15, 2016
Application deadline: December 6, 2016


  1. Call for Proposal Objectives

medeuronet is assisting Alsace BioValley in its mission to support medical technology start-ups in the Eastern Region of France.

Alsace Biovalley is involved in the structuration of medtech field, particularly through the development of the Medical Technology Campus in Strasbourg: Nextmed. This campus will be 100% dedicated to medical technologies and offer conveniently located, fully equipped accommodations for all potential medtech activities (more information here).


Nextmed : The Medtech Campus in Strasbourg (Alsace, France)

As a part of this initiative, Alsace BioValley intends to bring together services that medical technology start-ups need in their structuring and development. Such services will be available through a single focal point – “Business Service Center.”

The purpose of this call for proposals is to identify qualified consultants and consulting companies who could provide assistance and support to medical technology start-ups through the “Business Service Center.”

We are notifying organizations wishing to become selected service providers. Selected consultants will become a part of the “Business Service Center” network and will be approached by the center to address the needs of medical technology start-ups in the Eastern region of France on an ad hoc basis.


  1. Recommendations for setting up a proposal

The following criteria is being considered in the primary selection process:

  • Service providers must have previous experience in consultancy for MedTech companies and start-ups.
  • Capabilities in one or multiple service areas:
    • Strategy (to include Market Assessment, Economic/Business Intelligence, Doctor Surveys and Interviews, Medical Communications and Marketing, Europe-wide reach)
    • CRO/Clinical support (to include Clinical/Regulatory Strategy, Investigato/Site Selection, Clinical Documents Preparation and Submission, Study Management, France & Europe-wide)
    • Reimbursement (to include Reimbursement Pathway Mapping, Dossier Creation, Submissions and Negotiation Support, France & Europe-wide)
    • Regulatory Affairs (to include Planning, International Development, CE mark, ISO consulting, ISO certification, Interacting with National Authorities, France & Europe-wide)
    • Financial Aspects (to include Realization of Financial Appendices for the Business Plan, Administrative and Finance Director, Management Controller, Financial Optimization, Financial Organization, Fundraising Support, France, Europe-wide optional)
    • Intellectual Property (to include IP Consulting, Strengthening IP, Advising on Intracommunity Deposits and Multinational Deposits, Transfer and Disputes, France/ Europe/International)
    • Legal (to include Structuration of Companies, Shareholders Pacts, Legal support in Fundraising, France)
  • French or Europe-wide reach (where relevant)
  • Competance in English-Language


Required documents:

  • Presentation of your company
  • Portfolios of your services for service areas cited above
  • Track record of previous experience with medtech companies and start-ups (please distinguish between well-established companies and startups)
  • Capabilities in service areas (human resources, availability of services, etc.)
  • Standard fee approach (hourly/daily rate vs. as per project basis) Please provide an overview of your fees or an example of your fee structure.

When applying, please provide the documents in English (Only applications in English will be considered)


  1. Apply for the call of proposal

To apply or for any additional questions, please contact Juraj Kozak at

Application start date: November 15, 2016
Application deadline: December 6, 2016

In the first quarter of 2017, medeuronet and Alsace BioValley will come back for the next step.


  1. About Alsace BioValley and medeuronet

Alsace BioValley:

As a French world-class cluster dedicated to therapeutic innovations, Alsace BioValley is the one-stop contact to optimize any R&D development or business projects in Europe, both in drug development and medical technologies. Located in the famous Rhine river valley bordering France, Germany, and Switzerland, Alsace BioValley has a unique concentration of international life sciences and healthcare players. This cluster is available to help any Life Sciences and Healthcare companies interested in new projects and partnerships in Europe: from searching for outstanding scientific or industrial partners, to developing very innovative R&D projects, or finding the best innovative technology, patent or scientific expertise.

Alsace BioValley has agreements in place with Biowin (Wallonia), CQDM (Quebec), JBA (Japan Bioidustry Association), Biopro (Germany) and Basel Area (Switzerland) to enhance its network. They are also closely involved in the development of Nextmed, a Medtech Campus project which aims to create an outstanding environment for innovative medical  devices just a few meters from the Public Hospital of Strasbourg.


medeuronet develops a strategic relationship with medical device companies from pre-market launch requirements through to execution of sales strategy in order to drive success at a European level.

medeuronet UK  is incorporated in England & Wales with its registered office at Metal Box Factory, Unit GG.334, 30 Great Guildford Street, London SE1 0HS United Kingdom. Company registration: 06591143.


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